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A Simple Guide to Volleyball Positions and Rotations ...

Aren’t there 6 players on a volleyball court?? Why is there only 5 roles? Well, that’s because there’s actually 2 left side hitters, 2 middle hitters, 1 setter, and 1 right-side hitter. The left side and middle hitters play opposite each other in the rotation, and the setter and the right-side hitter are opposite each other. That means that there’s always 1 left side hitter, 1 middle, and either the setter or right-side player in the front court.

6-2 Volleyball Formation & Rotations [With Diagrams] | Set up ...

The middle floats the ball over and the opposition get a good pass in and their middle hitter wins the point with a quick middle attack. The opposition wins the point and the serve and your team sets up in serve receive rotation 3.

Volleyball Rotations Explained with Diagrams

In this volleyball rotation, the setter is in the serving position and will be coming off the back row to set. The middle is going to make their approach to the middle as usual. With the outside hitter and the opposite being flip-flopped, they will hit once in the positions shown, and then switch back to normal after the ball goes over the net.

Service Rotation - MIT Women's Volleyball Club

hitting from the left front gives the hitter a long dimension of the court (the diagonal) to work with. In the back row, the outside hitter typically plays either position 5 (left back) or position 6 (middle back).

The 4-2 Volleyball Rotation Explained (Including Diagrams ...

It also has the middle hitter “following” the outside hitter. Which means the middle will start at front left and the outside hitter will start at front middle. In the 4-2 volleyball rotation, the goal is to always have the setter as close to their front right position as possible. Rotation one also has the back-row setter opposite the active setter in back left position.

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In my opinion, the middle blocker is the hardest position to play in volleyball. One benefit that most middle blockers have is that they usually trade out with the libero for the back row part of the rotation, so they are on the bench about half the game, which gives them a chance to recover and refresh.

5-1 Volleyball Formation & Rotations [With Diagrams] | Set up ...

The easiest way to get all players into their preferred positions is by having the middle and outside in the back row to stand next to each other near the middle of the court, ensuring the outside is to the left of the middle and the middle is to the right of the outside to prevent breaking the rules of rotation.

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3 rotations have only one middle in the front … 3 rotations have 2 middles in front. Depending on the pair of middles, one will switch to OH, while one plays Middle … or one will switch to Right Side, while one plays Middle. Since one of our Middles is left handed, offensively we can run double slides. We can also run a quick with one middle at the pin hitting a high outside.