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Common Volleyball Injuries: The Complete List Of Medical Injuries

Below are some of the most common injuries connected to volleyball. #9: “Sand Toe” Although the most widespread type of volleyball injury overall is ankle sprains, beach volleyball in particular has its own set of unique concerns. In addition to issues caused by foreign bodies in the sand (such as lacerations to the foot and toes caused by shells or glass), “sand toe” is another cause for concern.

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Fingers are vulnerable to injury during volleyball activities, such as blocking, setting, and digging. Common finger injuries include fractures, dislocations, and tendon and ligament tears. If you are unable to bend the finger, consultation with your sports medicine professional or athletic trainer is important.

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The most common volleyball injuries are to the knees, shoulders, and lower back. Ankle sprains, hand damage, and bruises are also common. Concussions, though rare, can occur. Here is a list of 11 common volleyball injuries: Ankle injuries; Patellar tendinitis; Shoulder pain; Bruises; Finger injuries; Rotator cuff tears; Lower back pain; Labral tears; Concussions

The most common injuries in volleyball

Ankle sprains are most common injury. Many players have sprained both ankles several times. Sprained fingers are also common, but these injuries are usually mild, allowing for the player to resume training fairly quickly. Acute knee injuries are far less common for volleyball players than for handball or football players, but young female players are still susceptible to knee ligament injuries.

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1. Volleyball Ankle Injuries. The most common volleyball-related injuries involve the ankle, and ankle sprains are the most common injury in the sport. Most ankle sprains are not severe and require only a few days or weeks of rest – and sometimes physical therapy. More severe ankle injuries can result in fractures and ligament/tendon injuries that may require surgery.

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Volleyball. Volleyball injuries are generally defined as either acute and traumatic or overuse injuries. Acute or traumatic injuries occur due to a sudden force, or impacts, such as a fall or a stumble. Overuse injuries occur over time due to stress on the muscles, joints and soft tissues without proper time for healing.

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The article was created on the basis of a literature review. The most common type of injury found in volleyball players is ankle sprain. Overuse injuries most often affect the knees and shoulders.

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Ankle sprains occur often in volleyball due to the frequent action near the net with many players in a small space at one time. Often a player will land on another player's foot after playing a tight ball near the net or when landing after jumping up for a block.

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