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How to Choose Tennis Strings | 5-Step Guide

Step 1: Pick a Type of String. When you’re shopping for tennis strings, the first step will be to decide between the two major categories of string: natural gut and synthetic. As you may have guessed by the names, natural gut strings come from organic fibers, while synthetic come from artificial materials.

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How to Pick a Tennis String for BeginnersTennis Reviews shows the important things in picking a tennis string for beginners.★★★Check out Play Tennis https:...

The 10 Best Tennis Strings for 2021 | A Complete Guide

Our pick for the best synthetic gut tennis string is Prince Synthetic Gut, an excellent string ...

Types of Tennis Strings | Exclusively Explained By 2021 Experts

Tournament Nylon, aka simple nylon, is one of the cheapest tennis strings that come as pre-strung in most tennis racquets and is suitable for beginner-level players only. If you are new to tennis, we recommend tournament nylon strings because with this string you won’t have to worry about the string tension.

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In general, the higher the tension, the more control and the lower the tension, the more power. Typically, players who generate their own power will string with a higher tension and vice versa for a beginner. If you don't know what tension to string with, we recommend you choose the the middle tension and then you can make adjustments from there.

Best Tennis Strings 2021 – A Handy Guide - Swing It Big

Power and comfort and usually the tradeoffs when it comes to poly strings. However, if you want lots of spin, the Luxilon ALU Power might be the best tennis string option for you because of the control and spin. Another great option from Luxilon is the Big Banger, if the ALU Power does not meet everything you need.

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In general, beginners should play with nylon strings (or natural gut if you don’t mind spending the money), intermediate players can start to blend with hybrids, and advanced players can take the court with a full bed of polyester. When it comes to tension, the general rule is to string elastic materials like nylon or natural gut around 50-60lbs, which we’ll use as our base recommended tension.

GEAR GUIDE: How to choose the right tennis strings?

This is a type of string design where numerous individual string filaments, usually made of nylon, are wrapped or braided into a single length of string with a polyurethane binding agent. Multifilament strings tend to produce more power and comfort than solid-core or synthetic gut strings, and are a preferred choice for players with tender arms and elbows.