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OPEN Curriculum: http://www.openphysed.org (free)Module: https://openphysed.org/nationalfielddayUS Games: http://www.usgames.comEquipment Needed Tennis Shoes

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Tennis Shoe Tower Get Ready: 5-10 shoes per player, 1 spot marker per player to create home base for each player. Get Set: Place shoes in a pile and place home base spots 6’-10’ from the pile and 6’ apart from other players. Go!-The object is to build a shoe tower with shoes collected from the pile.

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Day 2: If The Shoe Fits, Tennis Shoe Tower, and challenge of the day is Shoe Fling/Flying Shoes Materials needed: Your own sneakers plus 3 additional pairs of shoes or flip flops Day 1: The Towel Flip, Clothes Relay and challenge of the day is Ziploc Soccer Juggling

Here are 22 National Field Day events to do with common ...

It’s Open National Field Day May 8 and that means hours of fun and competition for the family.

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Step 1: Download/print the OPEN National Field Day Packet (PDF) from www.OPENPhysEd.org/nationalfieldday. Note: Packets may be provided by your school. Step 2: Practice the events using the included practice plans and event cards. Video demonstrations are available at www.OPENPhysEd.org/fielddayvideos. Step 3:

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Record your time on the official Field Day Score Card. FAN-A-WAR. Get Ready: 1 Paper Plate (Piece of Cardboard or a School Folder) per Player, Center Line (2 Shoes or Cups will work) 1 Ping Pong Ball or a Balloon. Get Set: Create a center line on a table or the floor. Place the balloon or ball on the center line.

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Field Day continues into week 2! Download the second set of 10 field day activity cards. Each activity card has instructions for how to complete the activity, and includes modifications if you need to substitute equipment. Use the official scorecard from Week 1 to continue to track your practice scores and final scores for each activity.


This event is called Tennis Shoe Tower. The object is to build a shoe tower with shoes collected from the pile. On the start signal, players will run and take 1 shoe from the pile, return it to their home base and place it on their shoe tower. Repeat till all the shoes are gone. (Run – Grab – Stack – Repeat!) If the tower falls, that's okay.


ACTIVE HOME PHYSICAL EDUCATION: GRADES K-2 FIELD DAY PREPARATION (Week 2) Complete the activity with a friend or family member. Don’t forget to log your daily physical activity time. DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4 DAY 5 My Learning Goals I will practice field day events with a genuine interest and a desire for excellence. I will use positive

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A V Cato is going to be participating in a Virtual Field Day on May 8th !! We are so excited!! We were so disappointed to not be able to hold our regular Field Day that we decided to join other schools across the country and participate in the OPEN National Field Day!! More than 10,000 schools have signed up for this special event.