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There are, however, a couple of rules on where you are allowed to stand when returning serve in doubles. When returning, you must stand in the court that you are receiving serve from. Your partner must stand in the opposite court. In other words, the receiver‘s partner cannot stand on the side with their partner.

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In most regular tournaments, doubles are played with different rules, such as: No-advantage games. If the game gets to deuce, a deciding point is played instead of advantage, and the game goes to... Match tie-break. When both teams have each won one set, a special tie-break is played instead of a ...

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If you are on the team that serves first, either you or your partner may begin the match by serving the first ball. Either person on the opposing team may receive the first ball on the right (deuce) court. The partner will receive all serves to the left (the ad) court. The same player must serve the entire game.

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These rules are also known as doubles tennis deuce rules. If a team scores one point after 40 points then it will be in advantage. And in ad state, if the team scores another point they will win the game. To win a match you need to win 2 sets, to win a set, you need to win 6 games, to win a game, it required 4 points.

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You can say that in doubles tennis the server can choose to serve from behind and along the baseline or from centre mark to double side line at his side of the court. Advantage Court or Deuce Court: It is prior that the teammates must receive serves in the left service court also known as advantage Court or the right service court also known as deuce court.

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Deuce − When both teams manage to win 4 points for each and the score stands at 40-40, this state is called deuce. Love – In tennis, the term “love” refers to the score ‘zero’. For instance, the game score is 15-0, then it’ll be referred to as ’15 love’.

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Understanding the Basic Rules and Regulations of Doubles Tennis Toss. Before the game begins, the players toss or flip a coin. Each team will pick between ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ to decide... Serve. Doubles’ rules specifically suggest that while team A player 1 is serving, he/she has to stand on the ...

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Whenever games go to deuce, the winner of the next point wins the game, although the receiving team can decide which player receives the serve.