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Basketball Traveling Rules Traveling. Traveling may occur when a player receives the ball while moving or stationary, or when a player starts... Traveling Rules. A pivot foot is the foot that must remain in the same spot on the floor. The other foot is allowed to... Examples. There are other ...

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Clarifications It is impossible to travel while dribbling. The height of the dribble or number of steps taken per dribble is irrelevant. It is impossible to travel during a throw-in. While there are space restrictions for a throw-in, the thrower is not... A player must have control of the ball to ...

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Basketball Rules for Traveling Basic Rule. Once a player receives the ball or picks up his dribble, he is allowed to move one foot, while the other... Jump Stop. The jump stop rule is part of the traveling rule that allows a player to make a jump stop move, which can be... Other Traveling Rules. ...

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Key Points of Traveling In Basketball Traveling calls involve the illegal movement of the pivot foot. You can’t travel while dribbling. Only a player who is in control of the ball can travel. A player must be inbounds in order to travel.

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Traveling is progressing in any direction while in possession of the ball, which is in excess of prescribed limits as noted in Rule 4--Section VIII and Rule 10--Section XIV. RULE NO. 10--Violations and Penalties, Section XIII--Traveling. Rule No. 10: Violations and Penalties, Section XIV-Traveling. a.

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A player must be in-bounds in order to travel. If you watch much basketball, you will also hear traveling referred to as “walking” or “taking steps”. “Up and Down” is also a commonly used phrase that is really just a traveling violation when a player leaves the floor and lands without passing or shooting the ball. Pivot Foot

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When a player rises to his or her feet while holding the ball, it is traveling. When a player falls to one knee while holding he ball, it is traveling if the pivot foot moves. (Rule 4-68.6 and 4-68.1) A.R. 199. A1 attempts to catch the ball while running.

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If another defender actively guards the player with the ball, the original defender must actively guard an opponent or exit the 16-foot lane. Once the offensive player passes the ball, the defender...