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What's in the file. This roster contains the best team ever for all 30 NBA franchises. It was sometimes hard to make a choice (1972 or 2000 Lakers? 96 Sonics or 2013 Thunder?) but to make things simpler for me I used the selection from this article.

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2021 NBA Team File. Here is the NBA team files with appropriate logos. Once you import the file, close the game and reopen. Some logos cannot be seen because they literally blend in with the background (Raptors is a good example). They are all there I promise. Conferences and divisions are all correct now (thanks u/vad2rk)

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Now there is a quirk…. BBGM has more aggressive development curves than the real NBA. In the NBA, while there is growth, a 19/20 year old rookie (mitchell, luka) can put up 20/5/5, even when their scoring will peak below 30 points a game. In BBGM, there’s aggressive development until age 27. I set draft classes based on rookie year performance.

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Ultimate Basketball GM is a free mobile game that offers you the chance to become a GM of a professional basketball franchise and lead your organisation to glory. Control every aspect of your franchise: Player and staff Management, Finances, facilities and much much more. Your franchise. your dynasty!

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Basketball GM custom rosters. Basketball GM is a completely free sports management simulation game. You are the general manager of a basketball team, tasked with building your roster to compete for a championship while managing your finances. Play it here!. This page lists all Basketball GM available custom rosters. How to play with NBA rosters

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Basketball GM is 100% free and unlimited. No virtual currency, no microtransactions, no pay to win. You can create as many leagues as you want and play as many seasons as you want, all without even creating an account. I know, you've been burned in the past by other "free" games. I know, you think there's some catch.

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Go to https://play.basketball-gm.com/ Click the "Tools" tab on the top right, and select "Options" Paste the data into the "Team Info" section. Hit "Save Options" The team data will then be in any 'Real Players' leagues that you create from then on. It will not apply to previously created leagues. You do not have to do this every time, just once.